Tuesday, 17 May 2011


i do not know much about cars, if you follow my posts you will realize i do not know how to drive.if i get most of these terms wrong, cast a blind eye. nevertheless, im back, and commenting on cars.im no hater though....
trends in cars are mob. we have witnessed loud music and woofers, graffiti,souping,rhino charge cars on streets  we even went old school...now its the muffler.if i have the wrong word...im talking about the large exhausts that most cars have these days ant that make some 'fart' sound.think of rally cars on our streets.i heard the main reason rally cars have the sound is to warn the spectators the car is near.so u stay off the road and brace yourself for the billowing dust.why do guys go for rallies again?
motorcycle mufflers
 i previously did not have an issue with this. we have mufflers on matatus, sedans, vitzes, even motorbikes( again, no the tuktuks or bodabodas).but today as i was walking home from my small bro's parent teacher meeting(i will blog about that next time) first i heard the sound of a muffler. you can attest that you can hear the loud 'fart' from afar.a toyota corolla passed by....no problem. then a few paces ahead, the same fart.even louder this time then what passes by? a prado.KBN actually. and now im awed...and concerned.are we taking this too far?
we are used to subz and most cars with turbos having that 'boiling' engine.even the v8s have it...mostly the range rovers. i love that sound. then we moved to that whistling thing that used to be put on car exhausts.it wasn't as bad until it was picked up by 58 and number 9 mats. these are routes with mini buses...and rowdy drivers.it was so irritating when such a large thing is raced in the middle of town and a deafening whistle in tow and loud music....now imagine the same minibus with a muffler...
so its a trend and us kenyans have been found guilty on numerous occasions for overdoing what's new.TONE DOWN!!!!!
if you have played any latest racer game, there's that sound that cars emit when there's change of gears.its now the in thing. lets see how long it is before 58s adopt that.by the way, ive heard there is underground racing in nai.i need to crush one.